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 There are various programmes and courses for international students. Mainly the courses that are taught on English would be suitable for international student. Most of the Masters degree and Postgraduate Degree course are taught in English. Please see the University website for the range of courses available for international students. Below is the list of University and website.

     Goeteborgs Universitet - University of Goeteborg

     Hoegskolan i Boras - University of Boras

     Hoegskolan i Gaevle-Sandviken - University of Gaevle-Sandviken

     Hoegskolan i Joenkoeping - Jonkoping University

     Hoegskolan i Kalmar - University of Kalmar

     Hoegskolan i Karlskrona - University of Karlskrona

     Hoegskolan i Karlstad - University of Karlstad

     Hoegskolan i Lulea - Lulea University

     Hoegskolan i Skovde - University of Skovde

     Hoegskolan i Vaexjoe - University of Vaexjoe

     Hoegskolan Kristianstad - University of Kristianstad

     Hoegskolan pa Gotland - University of Gotland

     Linkoepings universitet - Linkoping University

     Lunds universitet - Lund University

     Malardalens Hogskola - Malardalen University, Vasteras

     Mitthoegskolan - Mid Sweden University

     Orebro universitet - University of Orebro, Orebro

     Stockholm University - Stockholm University

     Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences - Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences

     Umea universitet - Umea University

     Uppsala Universitet - University of Uppsala

     Chalmers tekniska hogskola - Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg

     Kungl Tekniska Hogskolan - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Lunds Tekniska Hoegskola - Lund Institute of Technology


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