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Living in Sweden is considered to be quite expensive. One of the conditions for being granted a residence permit for studies is that you can prove that you will have enough money to cover your whole stay in Sweden as well as your tickets. The minimum sum required by the Swedish Immigration Board is at present SEK 6,300 per month. Please note that 1SEK equals to NRs.10.00 approximately.

This is an example of a feasible budget for one month period. Take into account that you most likely to  have extra expenses during the first months. The cost of food is considered to be fairly high. Here is a list of some food products and other items in SEK.

Items Per month

Food SEK 2,100

Accomodation SEK 2,000

Student Fee,Books SEK 600

Phone, TV,newspaper SEK 250

Local Travel SEK 350

Clothing SEK 400

Hobbies, Leisure SEK 400

SEK 6,100

Cost of some food items in SEK (Milk 87 per liter, Bread 15-25 per loaf, Margarine 15-18 per 600gr, cheese 40-80 per kg , chicken 20 – 40 per kg, Eggs 18-30 per dozen, rice 20- 40 per kg, Wine 50-80 per bottle, Beer10-15 per can)

As a student from developing country you can reduce something like by sharing the room with your friend but you will require at least SEK 5000.00

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